D’au Vienes




Senteme, solu, 

naquel prau, 

a afayame.     

De guah,e,      

cuandu los mios güelos

andaben entá a la herba,     

yo yera l’encargáu    

de dir a la fonte

a pol agua,     

p’aselar la sede d’agostu

del clan enteru

naquel valle ponguetu.

Ye perimportante

saber p’au vas.

Yelo tovía más

pescanciar d’au vienes.






Where are You from




I sat down, alone, 

in that meadow, 

to find myself. 

When I was a boy, 

when my grandfathers 

were peasants, 

I was responsible 

for the search of water 

to relax the August thirst 

of all my clan 

in that valley of Ponga. 

It’s very important to know 

where you are going. 

It’s most important 

to know where 

you came from.

Xe M. Sánchez was born in Grau in Asturies, Spain. He received his PhD in history from the University of Oviedo in 2016, and he is an anthropologist. He has publishedinternationally in journals and reviews and has written several books in the Asturian language.