lambs coming


The first time I saw, the trees were a lot smaller. Tall girl sketches, becomes the cuadro. The
plaque begins to read, ‘You, sketching.’ The shadow cast on art is slender as romance. 
Here is fantasy. Here is death. 
The recluse reorganizes
empty space. The landscape
painter paints mostly nothing. The recluse painter reorganizes the nothing. 
Braque is still learning
cubism speaking Cézanne’s
We saturate this intricate
emptiness, the nuance of your skin. I feel desire inside out. I reside in this
impossibility. I build a home here, in
birch, in fire. This is a stark
home. This is tin. You wear thin
hosiery, the crisp air. You are a fleeting

Jesús Adam Esparza was born in Pasadena, CA. He attended New York University where he studied communications and creative writing.