The Stranger

Me, driving on the overpass above 66, about to make a right onto John Marshall Highway—bound to run past 
the Barrel Oak winery, the Sotheby’s sign, the little broken egg home on the corner. You, in the white pick-
up,  rolling  past  mine,  turning  onto  the  overpass  and  headed  where  I  just  came  from.  We  ride  in  the  same 
color.  Everything’s  slow.  Then  you,  sticking  your  hand  out  of  the  window,  shapeshifting  your  index,  your 
thumb, and the other bundles of boneskin into a pistol pointed my direction.

Evan Nicholls has work appearing in Passages North, Maudlin House, THRUSH, Pithead Chapel, and Whurk among others. He is from Fauquier County, Virginia. Follow him on Twitter @nicholls_evan. Read more at